Jual Mini SD Card | Harga Memory

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Harga Mini and Micro SD Card (Jual)

Advantages of this Dual-Slot Adapter:

  1. Able to take two memory cards at the same time, either SD or SDHC ones.
  2. Can take 4 GB micro card beside 16 GB one, or any unequal sizes.
  3. Supports workings with single card independently on the other.
  4. Read and Write files at speed upto 10 MB per second.
  5. Keeps the writing/reading speed of the memory cards, even accelerates it.
  6. Supports all types and brands of micro sd cards, including Harga, Jual mini sd card.

Customer review:

I needed to own a 32 GB memory card of Samsung, but i decided to buy this adapter and combine my two 16 GB cards in it, and i am very happy with my decision. First, I received the pack quickly in the next day, well-sealed and looks professional.

After reading some notes and instructions on its back, I formatted both the old memory cards to the same file system (NTFS), then inserted them to the PhotoFast Adapter.

Now, i have two 16 GB micro SD cards, plus one huge 32 GB card !. I transferred my large ISO file of 19 GB to the Card easily, and now i have approx. 10 GB of free space. That’s awesome.

SanDisk 8GB Memory Card with Case

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Reviews about Sandisk 8 GB Memory card :
The well-known brand of Sandisk actually doesn’t need any speeking, however this particular package is awesome by all measures. A high speed memory card for reading and/or writing, that has a very long life when compared with many other types of sd cards.

Digital memory card case

SD Card Holder Credit Card Size Secure Digital Memory Card Case (Yellow) (Electronics)

Features: the only creditcard sized SDcard holder of its kind!, Never lose your SD card again! Get The World's Best SD Card Holder., This Credit card sized SD Card case alternative is the best available on the market., Available in Yellow, Purple, or Blue (separate Amazon listings), See also SDcardholders for Micro SD cards, Multi SIM and DS Gamepac for Ninento games

It holds up to 4 standard SD cards. The SD Card Holder/Case features a positive locking feature by way of a moving independent tab for each SD card that is an integral part of the single molded piece. Each sleeve has the forward right retaining tab offset to the left such that the SD cards can only be fully inserted with the electrical contacts facing down and fully protected. Size and shape of a credit card allowing it to easily be carried. Hole for keychain. SD cards not included
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